Simon Elman, Chrissy Rodgers and Helen Shapiro

HEBRON is a vocal trio, featuring Simon Elman, Chrissy Rodgers and Helen Shapiro. They present their Biblical Messianic songs in a variety of styles, including Folk, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass and Hebraic. With close vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments (bass, guitars, ukuleles and banjo), Hebron’s music has broad appeal. In their concerts of testimony and songs, most of them original, Hebron endeavours to declare a simple and clear Gospel message so needed today.
Simon Elman was raised in a religious Jewish home in N. London. He was a professional musician. In 1979, after hearing the Gospel on the radio for the first time, Simon gave his life to Yeshua. In 2007, the Lord called Simon to work among his own people, telling them the Good News of salvation.
Chrissy Rodgers was born in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and was wonderfully saved in 1974. Soon afterwards, the Lord called her into His fulltime service and placed a special burden on her heart for the Jewish people.
Helen Shapiro, whose hit songs ‘Don’t Treat Me Like a Child’, ‘You Don’t Know’ and ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ sent her soaring into the charts at the age of 14, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. After searching the Scriptures and studying the Messianic prophecies, Helen discovered their fulfilment in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and gave her life to Him in 1987.
Together, Simon, Chrissy and Helen sensed the Lord's calling upon them to form HEBRON (Hebrew for 'fellowship'; 'friendship'), after many years of prayer and waiting. Their burden is to lead people in worship, to edify believers, to minister the Gospel according to Romans 1:16 and to remind people of the soon return of Jesus.